Weight Gainer - Whey Isolate & Cluster Dextrin

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Weight Gainer - Whey Isolate & Cluster Dextrin

The ONLY weight gainer on the market that utilizes Cluster Dextrin® as the carb source and solely utilizes whey isolate as the protein source. The benefit is you can drink it before or during a workout and not feel full or bloated at all while being full of energy to power you through any style of workout, no matter if it is a high-intensity or a high-volume one.

You can mix it into anything - especially your favorite pre-workout so you can get that caffeine blast backed by the most impressive complex carbohydrate energy source there is to buffer against a caffeine crash.

This weight gainer will not put on any excess fat on at all, and costs less than ANY other weight gainer on the market.  Also, those other weight gainers use a protein blend and maltodextrin as their main ingredients.  Such a matrix cannot provide the sustained energy release, protein quality, or mixability that Monstadon offers and they certainly cannot match our price point.

How do we do it?  We sell direct to the consumer.  No middle-men, not sold in stores, and we make a living on volume - not markup.

That's New World Nutritionals!  Fueling the iron game!

-Calorie & High-Protein 

Bariatric Meal Replacement

Whey Isolate With Vitamins And Minerals

-Free, High-Vitamin Meal Replacement

Undenatured Whey Isolate, Cluster Dextrin® and Trace Minerals

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