100% Casein Protein

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100% Casein Protein

As a source of nutrition, casein protein supplies you with essential and non-essential amino acids, carbs and also vitamins/minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.   What made the casein molecule so exciting for bodybuilders is its ability to form a gel that coats the walls of the large intestine, which allows for the sustained-release of amino-acids in a most efficient manner.  In other words, there is no need to eat a steak before bed to supply you with amino acids throughout the night when a large portion of recovery and growth takes place.  Simply drink an inexpensive and quick to make casein protein powder shake that you can make in your shaker cup.  The best casein protein is frequently available as a hydrolyzed casein - in this manner it is hydrolysed by a protease such as trypsin.

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