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Are you tired of going to the store and paying a lot of money for protein powder blends that are often just low concentration cheap whey protein mixed with milk protein?

Are you tired of bouncing from brand-to-brand because you can’t find a protein powder that tastes good enough to keep you from "cheating?"

Are you looking for truly unflavored proteins without any additives or fillers to bake your own high-protein muffins, pancakes and cookies?

Imagine you could buy 3, 5, 7, 10 or even 15lb bags of the highest quality bulk whey protein isolate, egg white protein, pea protein or casein – at the lowest possible prices?

I used to imagine such things, but searching around in Google and on bodybuilding forums turned up nothing. I just found other bodybuilders with the same unfulfilled hunger for bulk whey protein to fuel their game.

The consensus online seemed to be that we were all doomed to lug plastic tubs of cheap protein powder home from the store for the rest of our lives. Even if we could get our brand of choice at a discount on the internet and have it shipped directly to our homes, the reality is that said proteins were less than the best.

Being that I am a bodybuilder who also owns a contract manufacturing firm specializing in sport supplements, I saw an opportunity to deliver the highest quality bulk protein powder at the lowest possible prices to the serious bodybuilder and bikini competitor by cutting out the middlemen, the large plastic tubs, the advertisements in magazines, etc.

I also realized that to bring you the highest quality proteins at the lowest possible prices I would not be making as much profit per sale as the "competition," and therefore be forced to make a living based on volume that would arise from putting the best product possible on the market.

So selling volume turned out to be easy, because once you taste our level of quality, you won’t be able to drink anything else ever again. This is important, because while men will drink anything no matter how nasty if it gets them "jacked," women won’t settle for anything less than deliciousness - and they make up a huge percentage of the protein marketplace.

So what are you waiting for? We have chocolate, vanilla and unflavored in stock and ready to ship via USPS Priority Mail!