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100% Whey Protein Isolate

Although there are other forms of protein derived from dairy processing such as caseinate, whey is the most commonly used protein in sports nutrition.  Whey is found in either concentrate or isolate form. The difference between the two consisting in the amount of protein by weight...  While whey concentrate contains only 48% - 89% protein by weight, whey isolate can contain 90%+ protein by weight depending on the extraction methods used, quality of livestock, etc.

However, most whey isolates used in the big name brands are only 80% protein by weight, or are a blend of 80% and 90% to add to their bottom line.  I am sure you can figure out that the amount of 90% whey is minimal in such blends...

New World Nutritionals is one of the biggest purchasers of whey protein in the USA and supplies most of the companies whose products you see on the shelves in stores.  This is why we don't need to sell anything but the best in order to turn a profit!  Our bulk whey protein is sourced from the highest quality livestock available before being put through a cross-flow micro filtration process.

While this is technically a more expensive procedure, it yields the highest percentage of protein by weight as well as small particle peptides that are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream.  Given these facts, plus the fact that whey isolate has little-to-no cholesterol or carbs, our whey isolate is an excellent choice for getting shredded!

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